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For an actor to only make 5 feature films in a tragically short career, and those five films to be   – The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, Dog Day Afternoon and The Deerhunter and The Conversation are all classics,  you have some track record.

Starting off in a short The American Way (1962)

American Way Short

He honed his craft on stage working with Meryl Streep with whom he began a relationship.

On Stage 2 On Stage 6 On Stage 5 On Stage 3 On Stage 4

On Stage

His pal Al Pacino invited him to audition for The Godfather (1972) and he won the role of Fredo.


Godfather 1 Godfather 2Godfather 4 Godfather 9 Godfather 8 Godfather 7

godfatherGodfather 5

The Conversation (1974) – 3 Oscar Nominations, BAFTA Winner (Best Editing), BAFTA Winner (Best Soundtrack), 3 other BAFTA Nominations. Winner of Palm’D;Or in Cannes and over 20 other nominations around the world. Starring Gene Hackman and Harrison Ford alongside Cazale.


The Conversation 1 The Conversation 2The Conversation 7 The Conversation 11 The Conversation 10 The Conversation 9   The Conversation 6 The Conversation 5 The Conversation 4The Conversation 8

The Godfather Part II (1974)



Godfather  3

Dog Day Afternoon (1975)


Dog Day 1

Dog Day 2

Dog day 1

The Deer Hunter (1978)


Deerhunter 1The Deerhunter 6 The Deerhunter 5 The Deer Hunter 9 The Deer Hunter 8 The Deer Hunter 7The Deer Hunter 6

Michael Cimino’s Oscar acceptance speech.

A great book on John Cazale.

Cazale Book

Clip from Rediscovering John Cazale

A short Tribute

What a short, but amazing career. Now sit down, pick any one of his films and marvel at the work.