Happy Birthday Mr Steven Spielberg. To celebrate his 67th birthday here’s a few Spielbergian posters that Film Poster Art has for sale:

Close Encounters20131111-083959.jpgJawsEmpire of the Sunindiana-jones-and-the-temple-of-doom

What an amazing array of posters for one director.

One of my favourite directors of all time, he constantly taps in to the filmic vein of the cinemagoer and delivers something amazing. Jaws, Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, Close Encounters, Raiders of the Lost Ark, ET, Duel, films to make you want to get into a cinema again.

Two Bearded Wonders

This was a while ago when my company released a small documentary called The Last Days that he executive produced. He came along to the Screen on the Hill and shook hands with or kissed everyone who came. A genuinely lovely, warm hearted film obsessed genius.

Last Days

We were a small UK distributor and we picked up this little doc and arranged a launch event. The phone in our office rang and it was Steven Spielberg’s people “can Steven come to the premiere?”. Oh dear, what to say? Well, I replied “that’s very kind but we are a small company and to be honest, we can’t afford it.”

Almost crying into my cold cup of coffee as I spoke those words. ” Oh no, don’t worry, Steven will fly himself in, jump in a car, come to the launch and then go, it won’t cost you a penny.”  Happy days.

“We’ll be delighted to have him there.” We organised to get everyone into the cinema by 7pm. He would arrive at 7.15pm. Quick introduction and bam boom, back off to Hollywood. Oh no, 6.50pm a car pulls up, he steps out and the place went nuts. Everyone was hugging him, kissing him (Schindler’s List had only been out a short while and every North London Jew had turned up to pay their respects). It was an amazing experience especially when he praised our little company (and we didn’t film his intro, what a waste).

Here’s a few picks of him working behind the scenes.

Spielberg 1 Spielberg 6 Spielberg 7 Spielberg 8 Spielberg 9Spielberg 2

Spielberg 3Spielberg 5Spielberg 4