Happy Birthday to Richard Dreyfuss. A spritely 66 years old. He starred in todays pick – Jaws – one of the all time great movies and a personal favourite.

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Has there ever been a more quoted film? What’s your favourite?  “Have you ever been strung up by your Buster Browns?”  How many times have you watched this film? It’s not often a film comes along that changes the industry but this film did.

My first memory was watching it in a cinema in Ealing with a girl. I casually snuck my arm around her shoulder (proper smooth). She was snuggled in in case she got scared. I was cool and casual. Richard Dreyfuss swims up to the damaged boat to search for the shark. He pulls a large tooth out of the damaged boat. A head pops out of the bottom of the boat and I inadvertently pull my arm up to my chest…..unfortunately, the girl’s neck was between my arm and my chest, she screamed, she shrieked, I let her go. It was our only date.

Bloody shark.