Alfred Tippi running Tippi and birds Hitch Hitchcock Hitch and birds Cigar

One of my all time most watched films. Yes I know you can see the strings: yes Tippi is behind glass when the dead seagull is smashed against phone box but it’s such a great story and still has it’s genius chilling Hitchcock moments. For me when Tippi is sitting on the bench listening to the kids in school singing and the climbing frame behind her fills up with birds is just brilliant.

Things I love about this film 1) Tippi Hedren always looks so cool and stylish. 2) Little Cathy Brenner grew up to be Gus Grissom’s missus (The Right Stuff), the bitch from hell in The Witches of Eastwick and a sexual appetizer for a Xenomorph in Alien. 3) Hitch’s “cameo” walking the dogs as Rod Taylor goes into the bird shop. 4) There is no “The End” at the final scene.

It’s so worth a watch.