I have a real soft spot for Hannibal Brooks. Nasty Nazis, an elephant, Tyrol vistas, Olly Reed and mad, bad Michael J Pollard, what’s not to love? Michael Winner directed this much under rated comedy / adventure/ war movie. It’s a suspense story. It’s a comedy story. It’s a war story. It’s a warm story. It’s a wild story. It’s a love story. It’s a moving story. It’s an elephant story. It’s a super story. Oliver Reed stars and Michael J Pollard puts in a nutty performance as an American Guerilla working to hassle the German war effort at every turn. This was one year after Bonnie and Clyde and a couple of years before Little Fauss and Big Halsy so MJP was on a roll.
Olly was always watchable

Hannibal Brooks 2

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