So back in the day I was co-owner of a company called Downtown Pictures, a funky little film distribution operation that released great films that I got to choose. A most fulfilling period (until the money ran out). One of my favourite memories was doing a deal with Miramax to release Switchblade Sisters in the UK. Quentin Tarantino’s company Rolling Thunder had released this old film in the US. A rare genre – girl gang movies- directed by the legendary Jack Hill who directed classic Blaxploitation movies Foxy Brown and Coffy, Big Doll House and Big Bird Cage as well as the insane Spider Baby. Jack came over to the UK a couple of times and I got to know him a little, a very spiritual man (surprising when you see his film output) but full of great stories about Pam Grier how much fun he had making Switchblade Sisters.


Movies like Switchblade Sisters just couldn’t get made today. Unless self funded and under the radar. Such a shame. Directors like Jack Hill cut their teeth on exploitation movies. This poster would look great on any teenagers wall hell. On any wall.