So many years ago I had this girlfirend, a really gorgeous little thing, had her hair but in the Purdy style. Very pretty , great fun. Her Dad was a proper scary geezer. Ex boxer, looked fearsome. I was already into films and when we started to chat about movies, he warmed (a bit) and one night after he’d had a few sherbets he opened a cupboard under the stairs and beckoned me over. I was scared he was going to shove me inside and lock the door until I promised to never see his daughter again but he was quite mellow. He reached in and pulled out a carrier bag, he reached inside and produced one of the gloves used in Rollerball. My girlfriends Dad was one of the editing team, he was the assistant editor. I put the glove on my puny little hand and could barley hold it steady. James Caan looked so hard wearing those metal studded gloves.
Jonathan E. What a great character. Check out our Japanese framed and mounted Chirashi. Stunning.