Mods and Rockers, the cream of the British acting fraternity of the future all squeezed into Brighton for a vibrant action packed film to make you leap out of your seat and dance.
A cast that has graded the TV screens of Britain includes Ray Winstone (Vincent), Phil Davis (Whitechapel) Lesley Ash (Men Behaving Badly), Phil Daniels (Eastenders), Mark Wingett (The Bill), Kate Williams (Love Thy Neighbour), Michael Elphick (Boon), Daniel Peacock (Starlings), Timothy Spall (Blandings), P.H. Moriarty (The Bill), Sting (Captain Planet and the Planeteers) and Toyah Wilcox (Barmy Aunt Boomerang).
Come on, no-one has ever been heard of Aunt Boomerang or The Planeteers but hey ho. Written by Franc Roddam who produced Masterchef, from mod and roll to pastry puffs, what a change.
A very cool soundtrack that features The Orions, The Who, The Merseybeats, James Brown, The Ronettes, The Crystals, The Cascades, The Kingsmen, The Chiffons, Booker T and the MG’s and The High Numbers.
How can you not love this film. Leslie Ash getting her rocks off in an alley, Ray Winstone and Phil Daniels naked, Sting in a silver suit and fighting on the beach.