Today is the stunningly beautiful Catherine Deneuve’s birthday. I don’t care how old she is, she is still amazing. In a small tribute to her I will relate the tale of my close encounter of the sexy kind with this delightful French beauty.
It was at the Telluride Film Festival (the best film festival in the world by the way) held each year over Labour Day weekend (end of August) this is an important fact for later in the story. I had arranged to meet a friend in a small hotel off the beaten track in Telluride and I took a casual stroll in the early evening warmth and entered the hotel lobby. As I arrived, a vision of loveliness was coming out of the restaurant “bugger me” I thought, that’s only Catherine Bloody Deneuve. She walked straight toward me (blimey, she can read minds and she’s about to smack me round the chops for thinking such rude thoughts). That morning at 8.30 she had been presented with a Telluride Tribute and they started proceedings with an extended clip of her lesbian romp with Susan Sarandon in The Hunger which caused a lot of those naughty thoughts, but she couldn’t know that, could she?
She looked me square in the eye and in that superbly sexy French accent said ” Vot iz ze vezzer doing” (I’ll translate – what is the weather doing?). Well, I’ve no idea why but I just blurted out ” oh, it’s just started to snow.” She grabbed my arm and said “You are joking.”. I couldn’t think of a single thing to say that would keep her hand on my arm for well, forever? So I just grinned like the village idiot as she strode away to peek out of the door. She spun on her immaculate high heels and wagged her finger at me “You are so naughty.” Well, I could have been if you’d left your hand on my arm for an hour or so,but alas, she set off up the stairs and a meeting with people far more important than me. Well, Happy Birthday Catherine, we’ll always have Telluride. X