Has there ever been a tougher looking bloke in cinema history than Lee Marvin? Taller, bigger, musclier actors yes (in the 80’s mainly) but not too many “shit a brick if he looks at you” scary. But Lee Marvin was such an actor. I love everything about Point Blank, the script, from a Richard Stark novel (also known as Donald Westlake , his novels have been used for movie ideas from the 1960’s to present day – Parker starring The Statham is based on his novel Flashfire).
So, Lee Marvin, Angie Dickinson (looking hotter than ever), the great John Vernon, Keenan Wynn and James Sikking (before he added a B in the middle when he was in Hill Street Blues) what a cast.
Apparently they were rehearsing at Lee Marvin’s house and Marvin hit John Vernon so hard that he cried.
The beauty of the cinematography never fails to lift me up, the angles, the lighting, they just don’t shoot movies like that now and it’s a damn shame. Philip. H. Lathrop made this film stunning. He also shot The Cincinnati Kid, The Killer Elite, They Shoot Horses Don’t They and The Driver.
I “met” John Boorman once, it was 1998, it was at a roof top party in Cannes. He had been up the red carpet with The General and we had been drinking, a lot. He popped in to the party as he knew the company throwing the party (a little sales company called Stranger Than Fiction) and myself and two other “Herbert’s” saw him enter still wearing his tux. Like three naughty schoolboys, and without any of us saying a word, we played “air banjos” and sort of sang the duelling banjos theme from Deliverance until he spun round and stared at us, we then dropped our hands by our sides and looked at the floor, like we’d been caught stealing sweets. Pathetic but fun.
Shame really as I couldn’t exactly walk up to him and ask why he chose to use those great angles when you see the shooting scene in the storm drain of the East LA river.
So many great scenes, such a simple premise. Amazing performances. Just writing this has made me want to watch it again. The Belgian poster Le Point De Non Retour is a beauty. Lee Marvin in the background and a hand drawn montage of action. The others are an Argentinian poster and a Spanish poster. If you have a Point Blank original poster it will only increase in value. Much like the film in your memory.